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We offer a complete logistics and reverse logistics solution for Clinical Studies including Investigational Medicinal Products and Biological materials where we assess the necessary documents needed and obtain the required approvals from the authorities for import/export and clearance.

Our storage facilities are GMP compliant with controlled temperature/humidity containing ambient and refrigerated storage areas, equipped with a double backup system for power, monitored 24/7 with CC system including night vision and motion sensors, firefighting and fire alarm system with local and remote alarm capabilities.

The depot has a well-established inventory and tracking system with complete SOPs and forms covering all operations like: Import/Export, Receipt, Labeling/Relabeling, Distribution, Transport, Return, Reconciliation, Recall, and Destruction.

Locally Lebanon, regionally MENA and GCC are covered by our distribution service that offers fast and secure delivery under controlled temperature conditions, as well as local purchase of available comparator drugs, study materials and devices